Myofascial Chains

Taught by: Silvana Marveggio

Lisc. Physiotherapist / Professor of Anatomy / Yoga Teacher and Founder of Alinea

 Course Overview 

Explore the interconnectedness of muscles and fascia during this comprehensive two-part course. Ideal for yoga teachers, fitness trainers and bodyworkers, this course provides a solid foundation in myofascial anatomy (module 1) and practical application through massage training (module 2), enriching your understanding and skills while deepening your awareness in body movement and posture.

Upcoming Dates:

Module 1: July 12, 13, 14
Module 2: July 17, 18, 19, 20

Ciudad de México
Module 1: August 2, 3, 4

San Pancho, Nayarit
Module 1: October 18, 19, 20
Module 2: October 23, 24, 25, 26

Module One

We open our eyes to the knowledge of the body. We feel it and recognize what we learn in our bodies and those of others.

What will we learn?

This course is...


Because we study the body from anatomy and biomechanics.


Because we apply what we have learned, recognizing it in our bodies and in those of others.


Because we feel it, through movement and contact.



How muscles and facia form chains or pathways that connect distant parts of the body.


A new awareness of your body, posture and how you move.


Your work as a manual therapist or yoga, pilates, dance teacher.



Silvana Marveggio

Lic. Physiotherapist, Anatomy Professor, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Alinea

My motivation and intention when creating this course.

I was always a person who moved a lot, since my childhood, sports, gymnastics, dance, among other things, brought me closer and kept me connected with my body through doing.
When I decide to study Physiotherapy (Kinesiology in Argentina), I fully enter into knowing the body, studying it deeply, and that, although it involved many hours sitting in front of books, it was fascinating for me.

To the point that after taking the Anatomy subject, I stayed in the professorship studying to be able to teach as an assistant professor. That involved more hours of study and many hours dissecting cadavers, which is the most direct way to learn anatomy.
After finishing college, I got out of my chair and started practicing yoga, and that changed everything. I could feel all the benefits, the awareness, the well-being that the practice offered me and I immediately connected it with all the knowledge that was already in my mind. The two aspects began to be integrated: rational, practical, analytical knowledge, and the intuitive, the subtle, the feeling, the internal world.

13-Silvana Fotos taller masajes -91

And that knowledge of the body helped me to connect deeper, to walk the path towards myself and towards my professional practice with a different light. Understanding opens the way to feeling, and vice versa.
That is why I believe in the importance and value of studying the body, deepening knowledge, wherever each person started, traveled their own path and got here.
I hope you enjoy the trip