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Myofascial Chains

Taught by: Silvana Marveggio

Lisc. Physiotherapist / Professor of Anatomy / Yoga Teacher and Founder of Alinea

 Course Overview 

Explore the interconnectedness of muscles and fascia during this comprehensive two-part course. Ideal for yoga teachers, fitness trainers and bodyworkers, this course provides a solid foundation in myofascial anatomy, enriching your understanding and skills while deepening your awareness in body movement and posture (module 1), and practical application through massage training (module 2).

Thai Massage Course

International Certification | STPS. SEP-CONOCER

Connect with your senses and learn from the healing experiencie and knowdledge of ancestral Thai medicine. 

Taught by: Mónica Orozco

June 21, 22, 23, 29 & 30


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